10 Best Five-Ingredient Dinner Meals

It is easy to become overwhelmed when cooking. There are often many ingredients to consider and multiple pans and pots to keep track of. It would help if you were precise about when everything should be done.

Sometimes, you don’t feel like cooking. Is this paradox? It’s not. There are many dinners that you can make with just five ingredients. These are simple combinations of ingredients you likely already have in your pantry. Others are simplified versions of more complex meals. We’ve compiled 10 great ideas for your next busy night. This is how to add some pizzazz to plain chicken breasts.

10 – Stuffed Chicken Breasts over Pasta

What can you stuff it with? Creamy goat cheese. Although it sounds fancy, the preparation work is not. You need to cut a pocket from the thickest portion of the chicken breasts, and stuff it with cheese. You can bake the chicken just like you would normally. (Not sure where you should start? See this Spinach, Cheese, and Prosciutto Stuffed Chicken Breasts recipe for prep tips. Next, cook the pasta according to your preference. Drain and then toss with olive oil, sundried tomato sauce, and fresh basil. You’ll have a Mediterranean-inspired meal.

9 – Stroganoff

There are many options for this classic dish. This traditional dish can be made with beef, egg noodles, rice, sherry, mushrooms, sour cream, or sour cream. Depending on what you have in your fridge, sirloin and ground beef can be used.

Heat olive oil in the pan and then add the meat. The beef browns, season it with salt, pepper, and paprika. Add mushrooms to the beef and then a few tablespoons of flour. Continue stirring and adding the sherry. Turn off the heat and add the sour cream once the sauce has thickened and is no longer lumpy. Serve the sauce over rice or egg noodles.

8: Garden Salad

Salads can be made in a matter of minutes and are very tasty. This salad is a great way to make a substantial meal. It only requires lettuce, chicken, tomatoes and cucumbers. These chicken cooking techniques will help you make this salad from scratch. This recipe works well with leftover or precooked chicken.

After the chicken is cooked, let it cool for a while before moving on to the next step. Slice the cucumbers and tomatoes. Mix the vegetables and then add the chicken. You have a healthy and delicious meal!

7: Roasted Pork Loin

A roast is the best. Although it sounds complicated, it is quite easy. Place the pork on a baking sheet and cover it with chunks of potatoes, onions, carrots, and fennel. After the meat reaches an internal temperature of 155 degrees Fahrenheit, could you remove it from the oven? The natural flavours of meat and vegetables create this dish with a wonderful savoury flavour. This is a special dish that can be enjoyed with friends and family.

6: Quesadilla

This five-ingredient feast is very simple! First, heat some canned black beans or pinto beans. Spread shredded cheese over a tortilla. Jack cheese melts well. Spread the beans over the cheese. Sprinkle a little more cheese over the beans and top with a second tortilla. Both sides of the quesadilla should be cooked until lightly browned and the cheese has melted. Serve it with salsa, pico de gallo, and sour cream.

5: Pizza Margherita

Pre-made Pizza dough is great to have in your refrigerator. You can make a quick meal with it. Pizza Margherita is a classic. You can add any sauces or toppings that you like. Spread tomato sauce on the rolled dough. Slice fresh mozzarella into thin strips and then sprinkle sauce over. Sprinkle fresh basil leaves on top of the cheese. Bake according to the instructions on the package.

4: Broccoli Cheese Casserole

Casseroles make a great dinner for cold evenings at home. These casseroles don’t take much time to prepare, so you can spend more time relaxing. This casserole has only five ingredients. Most (if not all) are already in your fridge or pantry. It’s also hearty enough to be used on days when you don’t want to eat meat.

Start with broccoli. Frozen broccoli should be cooked according to package instructions. Fresh broccoli should be boiled in salted water for three minutes or until tender. Rinse with cold water after draining. Mix the broccoli with cream mushroom soup, cooked rice and chopped onion. Finally, add the shredded cheddar cheese. Place the mixture in a casserole dish. Cover it with foil and top it with cheese. Bake for about 20 minutes or until the edges is golden brown. Then, remove foil and let cheese brown.

3: Shrimp Salad

Pasta can be a great base for any simple meal. However, it is easy to get bored of using the same sauces repeatedly. You can mix it up with some unusual ingredients. Begin by boiling the pasta. You can make any pasta shape, but it’s best to use smaller ones like macaroni or bowties. Next, you will need to cook and peel the shrimp. If they are larger than usual, cut them into bite-sized pieces. Mix in chopped onion and Old Bay seasoning. Old Bay is a seafood seasoning that gives shrimp a distinct flavour while adding a peppy kick.

2: Potato Cheese Soup

Soup can be made in a fraction of the time it takes. This recipe is particularly easy if you have leftover baked potatoes. Start with a raw potato. Cook it in the oven, microwave or on low heat. Let it cool down before cubing. While you wait, fry some bacon and then crumble it once it cools.

Next, follow the instructions to make a can of cheese soup. Let it simmer for a few minutes before adding the bacon and potatoes. Allow it to cook for a few more minutes before you are ready to serve for a little extra flavour, top with chopped green onions.

This final dish proves eggs are winners, morning, noon, and night.

1: Smoked Salmon Omelet

Omelettes are a great choice for breakfast for dinner. Eggs are an excellent source of protein and go well with leftover meats, cheeses, and vegetables. They are also easy to prepare. This guide will help you get started if you are a novice at making omelettes.

Start by cutting a little onion and some smoked salmon into pieces for our omelette. To make your onions more tender, you can saute them in a pan until they become translucent. Once that happens, remove them from the skillet. Mix the onions, smoked salmon, and herbed cream cheese. Turn off the heat and add the beaten eggs to the pan. Fold the cream cheese mixture into half of the omelette. Serve with toast.

Bonne Appetite!

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