How to Make French Press Coffee

French press coffee is rapidly becoming a popular brewing method within the foodservice industry. This preparation creates strong flavours that customers will love in any cafe, coffee shop, or restaurant. This method of preparation is explained in detail. Follow these professional press instructions to ensure you have the perfect cup every time.

What is a French Press Coffee Maker?

French press coffee makers are used to make coffee with a steep brew. French presses are unique because the ground remains in contact with the water for the entire brewing process.

French presses filter the coffee directly through a screen made of metal. This means that the essential oils in the ground are not absorbed or evaporated by filters. They remain in the coffee, resulting in stronger and richer coffees with more aroma.

Drip Coffee vs French Press

Drip coffee is brewed from coffee grounds by commercial coffee brewers. It produces a lighter-flavoured coffee than a French press. Drip coffee is used for automatic brewing. It is designed to make more coffee in a shorter time while keeping it warm for longer. On the other hand, French presses produce a smaller amount and are intended to be consumed immediately.

You’ll need a mixture of machines and tools to cater to different coffee drinking habits when you purchase equipment for your coffee shop. It’s important to understand the differences between a coffee machine and a coffee press before creating your menu.

Drip coffee is best for cafeterias and office break rooms. A French press can be used in smaller cafes, coffee shops and intimate gatherings.

What are the Best Coffee Beans to Use in a French Press?

Pre-ground beans can be too fine for direct immersion brewing, so you will always want to grind your beans yourself.

The coffee beans are still in contact with water throughout the steeping process. Therefore, grinding your beans coarser than the beans in espresso makers or automatic drip brewers is important. French press brewing produces a bitter taste because the beans are ground faster.

Coffee Making in a French Press

It is easy to make your French-pressed coffee. This simple process can yield delicious, flavorful coffee.

You’ll need to make French press coffee.

  • Coffee beans
  • Hot water should be heated to between 190 and 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Allow the water to boil for about a minute, then let it cool down.
  • French press

How to make French-press coffee:

  1. Pre-heat French press: Heat some water in a French press. Stir the French press around to heat it. This will lower the temperature shock to your beans and make your coffee hotter.
  2. Discard any water and dry: Drain the water out of the canister after about one minute. Then dry the press thoroughly.
  3. Add coffee beans: Measure your coffee beans and add them into the canister. Typically, 2 Tbsp. 2 Tbsp. Of coffee per cup of water.
  4. Soak your grounds: Use just enough boiling water for the ground to be covered and soaked.
  5. Mix the ingredients and allow them to sit: Stir the mixture, attach the lid and let it sit for around 30 seconds.
  6. Add water remaining: Take off the lid and pour the water into the canister. Give the mixture a gentle stir.
  7. Attach the lid: Make sure to attach the lid. This will allow the screen to rest flush against the lid.
  8. Allow the coffee to be steep.
  9. Push the plunger down: After about 3-5 minutes, hold down the lid with one hand and slowly push the plunger down with the other. It should take approximately 20 seconds, and you will feel some resistance.
  10. Pour coffee: Pour the coffee in a coffee decanter. Because of direct immersion between the water in the beans and the coffee, the longer the coffee is left to sit in the French press, the more bitter it will be.

A French press requires more attention than an automatic brewer, but the result can be a satisfying, aromatic cup of coffee that your customers will love. You can either serve it hot or add bold flavours to your iced coffee selection. This trendy, easy-to-use brewing method will make your cafe or restaurant stand out.

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