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Peking Duck Brisbane

Try Peng You's Peking Duck — it's the best in Brisbane

Try the best Peking duck in Brisbane here at Peng You China Kitchen and Bar. Our unique establishment is located close to the river within the newly erected Gasworks Plaza complex along Skyring Terrace in Newstead. 

Here at Peng You we offer a swanky bi-level interior that plays upon old-world Chinatown charm while exuding a modernised feel, blending traditional Chinese décor with edgy new-age style. Tradition and modernity come together to transform the spacious venue into a true avant-garde visual masterpiece. The cuisine on offer, much like the surroundings stays true to its original Asian roots using home-style recipes and cooking techniques while infusing the dishes with a contemporary twist.  

Our Peking duck wraps are one of our house specialties and the best Peking duck Brisbane has to offer – deliciously crunchy wraps with cucumber and shallots, finished off with tangy hoisin sauce. Try just half a duck for eights wraps, or indulge in a whole duck with sixteen wraps! Our other house specialties include Hong Kong style Roast Duck and Crispy Skin Roasted Pork Belly. 

Dine on a mix of Chinese, Malay, Singaporean and Japanese fare with a well-rounded sampling from across Asia and transport your taste buds to the land of the dragon. Feast on tasty and soft griddle cooked gyozas, tangy hot and sour soup – mouth-wateringly crisp on the outside and tender on the inside — house special duck roasts, and delectable, fragrant noodle and rice dishes. You can also try tapas-style share plates such as spicy sizzling king prawns with black pepper, slow-cooked pork hock with gelatinous skin bursting with flavour, and savoury, melt in your mouth hot-pot braised beef shins. 

The open-style kitchen setting allows you to watch the chefs cook while you marvel at the surrounds and socialise. Enjoy a glass of fine wine on-tap, or a special house-brand beer or cider brewed locally in Queensland. You can feel the love and passion that has gone into our establishment, from the design and furnishings, to our innovative menu, to the creative quirks of on-tap wine and house brand beverages. Try our peking duck wraps today! 


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